Transit time wall type ultrasonic flowmeter

Wall type transit time ultrasonic flowmeter

Measuring range :0,01 … 12 m/sn
Power supply :AC220V and DC24V
Power consumption: max. 1.5W
Comminication protocol : MODBUS, M-BUS, Fuji eq.
Optional energy meter function : Energy meter with 2 pc PT100
Connection : DN15 - DN6000
Repeatability:max. 0.2%
Measuring period:500 ms
Indicator :LCD with backlight , flowrate / totalflow, temperature, dencity eq.
Output:4-20 mA or 0-10 V Analog output; 0-1kOhm, 0.1%
accuracy, Relay output and RS485 modbus comminication
Input:3 Analog and Ops. 3 wire PT100
Record function : Ops.Automatic adjusted 64 Day / 64 Month and 5 year record function available
Bore material:Steel, Stainless steel, Cast iron ,cupper, PVC, Alüminium, FRP vb.
Measureable liquids:water,sewater, Industriel waste water, Acit / Baze liquids, Alcohol, Beer and other all homogeneous liquids
Sıcaklık Aralığı:Ana ünite -30°C - 80°C, Sensörler -40 °C -110 °C
Humidity:85% RH
Cable :Max.2 wire with shield cable : max. 20 meter, RS485 Max. 1000 meter
Temperature : Standart sensor : -40 °C - 80 °C , Hight temperature sensor : -40 °C - 160 °C
IP Class:IP67


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