Solenoid valf timer ( compact type)

Model :LK-TM1 ( accroding to DIN 43650 A big type coil )

LK-TM2 ( according to DIN 43650 B small type coil )

This product compact use with solenoid valves by connectiong directly to coil socket.The coil power supply have to be same with Timer power supply .

Working time adjustment : Yes
Off time adjustment : 0,5…45 min. adjustable
Power supply : 24…230 V AC/DC 50/60 Hz.
Current :7 mA
Temperature : -20…+60ºC
IP class :IP 65
Manuel test : Yes
On-time indicator: : yellow Led
Off-time indicator : red led
Connection : DIN 43650 A and B
Electronic circuit : SMD technology
Body materşal :Polyamid

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