Pneumatic Actuators

The new rack-and-pinion ATD/ATS pneumatic actuator produced by the Lekton Valve Co., Ltd. Is designed by CAD 3-D model. Actuator of this type is beautiful and modern in appearance, reliable in quality and performance by its new material and technique. What's more, Various models are available which is more economical. It also complies with the latest international standards so that different demands can be satisfied.

① Rack-and-pinion pistons are designed dually so that they are rapid and smooth in movement, high in precision and output power. Rotation can be made reversely by simply changing the direction of the piston assembling positions.

② High-quality extruded aluminum alloy cylinder is drilled by precision machining and treated in external surface by hard anodic oxidation (Anodic oxidation+ Teflon coating for special requirement), which serves longer time and has low friction coefficient.

③All the double acting and spring return actuators are integrated in design. They share model, cylinder and end caps, which can be easily changed to the other type by assembling or disassembling the springs.

④ The combined spring group can be safely added or removed during assemble or on spot.

⑤Two adjusting screws outside the external front side of the actuator can adjust the opening and closing position of valve accurately. Two longer adjusting screws will be needed at the other two end caps for full stroke adjustment.

⑥ Multi-functional position indicator avails on-site visual instruction. It complies with VDI/VDE 3845 and NAMUR standard, which is easy for accessories installation, such as limit switch box, electro-pneumatic positioner, position sensors.

⑦ Air supply connection complies with NAMURstandard so that solenoid valve can be mounted directly.

⑧ In order to reduce frictions between metals, the bearing shell, guiding ring and output shaft are lubricated.

⑨ All fasteners are stainless steel which can resist corrosion for long time.


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