Gas sensing systems

Model : LKBS03
Sensor Type: Catalytic, electrochemical or NDIR gas sensor
Sampling Method: Natural Diffusion
Working Voltage: DC24V±25%
Power Consumption: ≤3W
Working Method: Continuous monitoring
Accuracy: ≤±5%FS
Indication Method: 4-digit LED light
Condition Display: 3 LED lights indicate fault alarm, L-alarm level alarm and H-alarm level
Operation: Infrared remote control
Response Time: ≤30s (LEL) / ≤60s (toxic gas)
Working Temperature: -40℃~70℃ (LEL) / -20℃~50℃ (toxic)
Working Humidity: <95%RH
Explosion-proof: Ex dⅡ8CT6 (ATEX)
Protection: IP65
Pressure Limit: 86-106kPa
Signal Output: 4~20mA or RS485, 2 relay output
Install screw thread: G3/4"
Cable dimension:
≥1.5mm2 × 3 core cable (4-20mA type)
≥1.5mm2 × 4 core cable (RS485 type)
Transmission Distance: ≤1000m
Dimensions: l×b×h, 210×200×105mm
Weight: about 2100g
Package and Accessories:
1 pc per carton, size: 26*25*15cm

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