Bulk material Level transmitter /relay

New LEKTON LK.IRL Level transmitters are convanient for powder, bulk materials, çement ,mine ,oil eq.
Medium not necessary to be conductive . There two stainless steel prob produce high resistance change when the material goes up between two prob .This resistance change to be proceed in to the microcontroller and LED indicator shows level of the material in to the tank .

1. Can learn minimum and maximum level when working .

2. 0-10 Vdc or 0-20 mA analog output can proceed .

3. there is PNP output for pump relay start and stop

4.Start and stop values can adjustable from local Indicator

5. Large LED screen can provide visiblity from long distance .

Order Table : Sample :LKIRL.A.500 ( 0-20 mA OUTPUT , 500 MM prob lenght )


A : 0-20 mA Output
B : 0-10 VDC output

Prob lenght : .... mm


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